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Rural Fencing Solutions to enhance your farm 

At Franklin Fencing & Contracting, we take great pride in our innovative range of rural fencing solutions that cater to all tastes. We are proud of our skill and service to Franklin, Auckland, and its surroundings.


Quality Products and Timely Service You Can Depend On

As experienced rural fencing contractors in Auckland, we understand the value of getting things done on time. We believe that perfection lies in detail and that no project is too big or small for us to handle.


​Rural Fencing Products That Give Your Creativity Wings


Our diverse product range solves every challenge–from post and rail fencing to conventional wire and batten. We also do deer netting, and repair fencing, gateways, stockyards, and loading ramps. We supply a wide range of electric fencing options in NZ to safeguard your investments.


Enhance Your Environment


Improve your home with our range of custom residential fencing options. We supply strong and durable Laminata timber fencing and timber paling fences. Our skills in creating timber retaining walls ensure your confidence in our abilities.

Counting the Costs to Save You Time

Project expenses are a crucial consideration when planning your project. We will provide you with a clear and detailed cost estimate after having an in-depth discussion with you about your product expectations. Factors to consider include:

  • Fence length and height.

  • Material, labour, and installation costs.

  • Any additional expenses.


Boundaries Enable Success

Choosing the suitable fencing for your property is crucial to your success. It enables you to protect your property and promotes sustainability.

  • Fences act as barriers that protect the land against erosion and degradation.

  • They offer security and protect your investments.

  • Fences assist with livestock management as they create barriers to control movement.


Trust Us With Your Ideas


We have a stellar reputation for delivering quality workmanship and completing projects on time. Our experience and knowledge of the land are unparalleled, and our product knowledge makes us the leading rural fencing contractors in Auckland. We also help our customers with fence repair.

It’s Time to Dream Big and Get Things Done

We are big on ideas and passionate about making dreams come true. Give flight to your imagination and let us help you turn your vision into reality. You can expect excellent advice on rural fencing solutions and guidance on how to execute your project most creatively without destroying your budget. 

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