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We Supply and Install Secure Residential Fencing

We provide many residential fencing options to our clients, whether for your yard, pool, or other custom requirements. We primarily work with timber paling and laminate fencing but are open to discussing your property’s needs and how we can assist. With Franklin Fencing & Contractors, you get quality fencing quickly.


Benefits of Professional Residential Fencing Contractors

While many will try installing their own fences, it might be best to work with professionals for various reasons. Here are some quick reasons to consider professional assistance over a DIY solution:


Arguably the most important reason to choose professionals for your fencing project is to ensure they meet any legal requirements for fencing installations. The last thing you want to do is to have to remove your fence after installation due to regulations you were unaware of during planning.

Material Sourcing

When working with professionals, you do not have to scour various websites to find the materials for the build. We have the relevant material stock, whether for the fencing itself or all the fixtures, which means you save time and money.


The result will only be as good as your skillset during a DIY project. If you have never installed residential fences, you might end up with a subpar result after days of hard work. We have experience in various fencing setups and can customise everything from height to materials and shape.

Look no Further for Residential Fencing Companies

The fence’s purpose matters when installing a new fence on your property. A privacy fence will require more height and sight-blocking panels. On the other hand, a pool fence can be shorter but must adhere to stricter legislation. When working with us, you only need to tell us the type and location requirements for the fence, and we will take care of the rest.

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